EcoCard is today known as ecoPayz. In 2013, the company resolute that because of substantial development and new offers, the old name was no more suitable. EcoCard is an environmentally-aware payment solution for online casino players. Actually, those who bear EcoCard casinos are also bearing the environment as this company plants a tree for each new card user and their physical cards are created from recyclable materials.

Proceeding past the environment talk, EcoCard is a prepaid payment solution that permits casino players to do deposits without getting wait for approval. Many online casino players from Singapore now prefer EcoCard as their banking option due to its secure and ease of usage.

EcoCard Usage

EcoCard users can deposit cash in their residing country and employ their EcoCard globally on the internet from home, work or any other internet access point. EcoCard is perfect for people who wish to limit internet transaction hazards and downplay operations costs. EcoCard provides safe, fast and price-competitive transaction processing with 0% operational risk and 100% transaction authorization.

Registration and Funding

When applying to open an account with EcoCard, there is no bias and anybody can apply. After getting the card, you can fund it with a debit card, bank wire or credit card. From here, the following step implies visiting one of the EcoCard casinos and doing your deposit. The best thing about this process is that players don't need to provide personal information to online casinos.


Because of the reality that funds on your EcoCard already exist, you don't need to carry out an authorization process by a bank or credit card company. This signifies that your online casino funds will be accessible instantly. EcoCard offers the top level of security and privacy to users who are gambling in online casinos. The use of EcoCard is empowered online in strict conformity with the available financial resources of the client.