Even before it was adopted by online casinos for making monetary transaction, Credit Cards was being used as most preferred means of transferring money to and from the online casinos. There are number of trustworthy credit card companies offering a fast and authentic solution for making deposits at an online casino. Being a popular means of making deposits at many online global casinos, players from Singapore prefer it as their banking option hen playing at online casino.

Using Credit Card

Applying a credit card to make an online casino deposit is simple presuming you are already a registered card holder. To utilize credit card for deposits, go to the preferred casino and choose your credit card from the payment options; then put in your credit card number, expiry date and the 3 or 4 digit authorization code sited on the backside of the card. Once the details have been entered online, bank will make a decision whether or not to approve the transaction based on your account credibility.

Credit Cards Companies

MasterCard, Visa, and Amex are few of the well-known Credit Card companies in the world and players can utilize these services with abundance of confidence. Moreover, credit card users also get to speak with excellent customer service departments if a difficulty does come up.


Most of the casinos accepting Credit Cards utilize secure and modern credit card processing systems to assure the safety of every transaction on their site. Players also get a history of transaction to keep a check on their monetary dealings.