SlotsSlots are the chief component in any casino whether it is land based or online or mobile. Slots games are also known with names such as poker machines, pokies, 1-arm bandits, and fruit machines. A Slot Machine normally has 3 or 5 Reels, each one enclosed with images and symbols. You succeed a slot machine game if at the ending of it; a grouping of identical symbols comes up.

The game is begun by putting in the coin and pulling on the handle or pressing the spin button. When the light flashes or bell rings, it shows that the player is already in the game. When the reels stop spinning, you have to press the cash-out button to gather the collected amount. The bright lights, mesmerizing sound effects and dazzle of spinning reels makes Slots every casino player’s favorite even those from Singapore.


Slots rules are fairly basic but the difficulty of every game differs from each other and having the information of the rules of the game is moderately requisite. Recently, numerous new software providers have carried online slots to a newest level of formulating games with more than only 4, 5 or 6 reels, but as many as 25 paylines.  

In addition, lots of bonus games have been introduced to several amended online casino slots games creating them a bit more exciting and intriguing for players. As well only betting and spinning the reels, it is also requisite to equate winning combinations, payout rates, and jackpot deals prior to you settle down in a game. Each of these is a key to your success at the slots.

Slots Variants

  • Multi Line Slots:
    These are the 5 reel slots where you can bet on various lines. These can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or form other combinations. There are theme based symbols animations, special symbols
  • Progressive Jackpot:
    This is an important variant of Slots and if a player hits the jackpot then he wins all the amount. Payout keeps increasing with every bet and it can be 3 reel or 5 reel.
  • Bonus Round Slots:
    Slots having bonus rounds are called Bonus Round Slots. They have theme based symbols and audio effects add on to the fun.


Mostly people think that slots are games of luck. Spin the reels and wait for luck to undertake. It is factual in Vegas and online. But you must also know that winning slots necessitate certain strategies to significantly manipulate your winnings ratio and step-up your opportunities in the game. Recognizing when to bet the maximum number of coins, when to change games and when to call it a day are few of the significant choices you require to do. If you observe yourself at a good game with a high payout percentages then stick with it. Bet the maximum coins on each one of the paylines to facilitate you mend your chances at the jackpot.