Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Singapore as it has not only made millions of fans through the years, but it is also the most sought after game for sports betting in the country. As every nation plays football through both domestic leagues and international platforms as well, you will never fall short of opportunities to bet on any football series taking place in any part of the world. Many Singaporeans prefer to bet with online bookmakers such as Betfair, where they can open a Singapore Dollar account and can also enjoy several promotional offers and bonuses. Online sports books in Singapore also offer mobile applications which facilitates betting on the go!

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Formed in 2011, Betfair‘s specialty is fixed odds in the football betting market. This sportsbook offers a wide betting experience on all kinds of tournaments. The best betting features of Betfair include the Cash out and football cash back offer.


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Betting Odds in Football

The Singaporean betting market for football uses European odds which are decimal odds. This format is also supported by Singapore Pools and all online betting sites used in Singapore. These odds decide the payout you will receive with each bet. For example if the odds of a bet is 1.32 and your bet amount is $500 then the payout you will receive will be calculated as follows:

  • *1.32*500=660
  • *$660 is the amount that you will receive from the bet you have won.

Betting Markets for Football

Although Singapore offers a lot of sports to bet on, football is the most bet upon event in the country. The football betting market offers a plethora of betting options and elements to place your wagers on. All the betting sites in Singapore offer a 1*2 betting system where you can bet in three possible ways namely Home, Away and Draw. When you place your stake on Home and Away and if the end of the regulation time results in a draw then you will end up losing your bet.

Full/Half Time Double

Here you need to place a wager on the first half and full game.

First Scorer

This particular prediction is placed on which of the two teams will secure the first goal in the game .

Last Scorer

This prediction is for determining the last goal maker team of the game .

Team to Score First Goal

This stake is placed by predicting the team which will score the first goal.

Odds or evens

This two way market bet that involves guessing if the goals scored in the match will end on an odd or even number.

Total Goals: Over Under

This multiway market bet is wagered to predict the total number of scores that will be made in the match.

Correct Score

As the name suggests, this bet is made on the accurate score of the game.

Outright markets/Championship

This bet can be made by opting for the team which will win a particular championship, league or tournament.


This is a three dimensional market which allows you to bet on the away team, home team and draw team.

1/2 Goal

This is similar to the 1*2 option but draw is not an option in this two way market.

Asian Handicap

This popular form of Asian betting removes the possibility of a draw and leads you to choose an half goal or a whole goal.

Half Time 1X2

This bet is a 1X2 market placed at half time of the game.

Cards Over

This wager is placed on the number of yellow and red cards that will be shown during the game.

Half Time Score

The score at half time in the match is predicted in this market.

Corners Odd

This type of betting involves the guess of number of corners that will be taken in the game.

Shown a Card

You can place your stake on whether a particular player will be shown a card.

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is fully owned by the government of Singapore. Fully legalized, this sports betting and state lottery organization is an initiave to eradicate illegal betting and lottery. Singapore pools has come up as a platform for betting on football and it receives stakes from betters in Singapore and internationally as well.

You can place your wagers on football through Singapore Pools by following a few simple steps which are:-

  • Make your prediction and choose your wager type
  • Go to the odds section in order to see the odds of your bet
  • Execute your bet
  • When you place your bets from one of the 350 Singapore pool outlets , you will be issued a ticket with all the details of your bet
  • Check the result of your match to see if you have won

Most Bet Upon Football Leagues in Singapore



This Singaporean League has 10 clubs from Brunei, China, France, Japan and Korea


Barclays Premier League

Barclays Premier League

Also known as the English Premier League, this world-famous league has 20 clubs contesting for the title every season.


UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

Consisting of 54 members, this championship league is one of the governing bodies of FIFA


La Liga Spanish League

La Liga Spanish League

The Spanish league or La Liga is one of the biggest football divisions in Spain which comprises of twenty teams competing for the title every season


Serie A

Serie A

Serie A or the Italian Football League first began in 1929 and it is considered to be one of the best in world.